Pure Water

From the rivers and streams of Canada to the taps of Mumbai

Nutra Filter Bottle

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Reduce plastic waste and rest easy knowing clean water will follow you where ever you go.

In the Mountains

Save space in your pack and filter water on the go. 

Tried and Tested

BPA Free and Independently lab tested.

About Us

Welcome to our store. Believe me when I say we are excited to show you this product! Nutra was started by a group of Forest Firefighters in the northern boreal forest of Canada. Packing heavy gear in scorching heat, Nutra water bottles allowed us to stay hydrated on the go, while drastically reducing the amount of water we had to hike through the bush. Since those days, we have expanded our initiative to drastically reduce plastic waste, and give people all over the world access to clean drinking water. Whether it be a mountain’s glacier, or that hotel tap your not so sure about, Nutra’s tried and tested filter brings us safe water where ever life takes us.

An essential part of my travel gear.

Cameron Mclure

It's a good feeling to feel confident you are drinking safe water.

Denise Atkins