So, how does it work?

Nutra makes contaminated water safe to drink by combining two filtration technologies to ensure a wide range of impurities are selectively eliminated from water. 

What is coconut shell activated carbon?


An activated carbon filter serves as an additional step in Nutra's filtration technology. The large internal surface of activated carbon gives it incredible absorbent properties that suck out many contaminants from water. The activation process involves extracting carbon from coconut shells and steaming it at high temperatures - involving a controlled oxidation of the carbon atom to enhance the internal surface area and generate a network of miniature openings.

As water passes by and through the activated carbon molecules, the activated carbon acts like a magnet that attracts and absorbs contaminants in water. This is because most organic contaminants in water are hydrophobic, and have a greater affinity towards the activated carbon which grabs them like a magnet.

The result is a greatly improved taste in water with a greatly reduced amount of contaminants that escape water treatment and can be found in tap water.

Hollow microfibre micro filter


Very similar to the hollow microfibre tubules used in kidney dialysis, the microfibre tubes have pores less than 0.2 microns in diameter. When you suck water through the straw, water is forced through the hollow fibres and any dirt, bacteria or parasites get trapped in the fibres while clean water passes through. The straw is very easy to suck water through and can be cleared by simply blowing air back out the other end.